Agribusiness in the Republic of Angola

A businessman in the Republic of Angola, Joaquim Sebastiao strives to support and develop the nation’s growing economy. As agribusiness holds much promise for what was once the world’s second-largest producer of coffee, Joaquim Sebastiao seeks to nurture the industry to Angola’s benefit.

What, exactly, does agribusiness mean to the South African nation of Angola? Encompassing a wide range of agricultural activities, the term agribusiness simply refers to the intersection of agriculture and business. In Angola, efforts have been undertaken since its government stabilized in 2002 to nurture and rebuild its agricultural industry and once again become a major player in the world market. This includes incentives for foreign companies to bring their knowledge to the country, but it also includes funding programs to help local farmers prosper.

Agribusiness is an important component to help Angola grow as a country and for its citizens to find prosperity and stability. A healthy agricultural sector means more opportunities for export and a more stable economy overall.