Carnival Time in Luanda

An architect by training, Angolan businessman Joaquim Sebastiao is active in the construction, real estate, and public works industries in Luanda. Joaquim Sebastiao takes a particular interest in creating and producing social, religious, promotional, and other public events and festivals.

One of Angola’s most famous and popular festivals is the annual Carnival, which starts on the last weekend before Lent and lasts until Ash Wednesday. Dating back to 1857, Carnival in Luanda features an official parade, which is witnessed by the president and the members of his cabinet. This parade, which takes place on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, showcases spectacular floats, colorful costumes, extravagant headdresses and dance, music, and percussion. Song lyrics typically convey messages of peace, as well as political appeals and lighthearted jokes.

Carnival groups typically include a king and a queen as well as dancers, musicians, and occasionally a nurse who is dressed in white and serves as a symbol of purity. Other participants typically dress in red, yellow, and black—the national colors of Angola. Prizes are awarded for the best costumes.