Angola Sporting Events in 2013

Angolan entrepreneur Joaquim Sebastiao is known for his work with JS Jacob SGPS, Soimob-Building Society Ltd, and Afroblocos Limited. Working within multiple industries, Joaquim Sebastiao has been instrumental in boosting the Angolan economy by supporting major events in the country.

A number of international sporting tournaments were hosted by Angola in 2013, and were instrumental in fostering international relationships and promoting sports and culture in many provinces. Lubango hosted an international soccer tournament for U20 players in August, sponsored by the Eduardo dos Santos Foundation. Luanda and Namibe welcomed spectators and participants to the Roller Hockey World Cup in September, making Angola the first African country to host the event. The African Wheelchair Basketball Championship of 2013 took place in Angola’s capital city Luanda in late October and early November.

On Independence Day (November 11), a number of sport tournament openings were celebrated in Lunda Sul in northeast Angola, with a special focus on youth independence at the forefront of the proceedings. Finally, the southwestern coastal city Namibe hosted the International Male Junior Handball tournament in December. Coordinated by the Angolan Handball Federation, the event encouraged international friendship and peace between Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, and Angola.