About Joaquim Sebastiao

A partner in a number of Angolan organizations, experienced business leader Joaquim Sebastiao focuses on the sale and construction of real estate. He seeks to enhance and strengthen the Angolan economy and workforce, and to that end he maintains dedication to operational ethics. Joaquim Sebastiao leads Soimob-Building Society of Luanda Province, as well as Afroblocos Limited and J.S. Jacobs SGPS. Afroblocos and J.S. Jacobs support the civil engineering, construction, and public works industries.

Joaquim Sebastiao has garnered experience in a variety of construction-related endeavors, including the sourcing of capital to companies in the electricity, oil, and solid waste industries. He also demonstrates business acumen in the fields of material transport, engineering management support, and product import and export. An avid athlete and president of the Benfica de Luanda football club, Mr. Sebastiao has organized a number of sports tournaments, as well as festivals, parties, promotional events, and political gatherings. He enjoys bringing people together to create positive change and strives to make a difference in his personal life and his business life.


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